Abdul Masood

Hi! I'm Abdul Masood

Graphic designer | Blogger | Tech Enthusiastic

About Me

Hello, my name is Abdul Masood I’m from India, I completed my Graduation from Hyderabad. I have been tech enthusiastic since the age of 10 when I got hands-on Nokia 3310. Since my love and interest in tech increases. Getting to know more and more about technology by reading articles and browsing about tech on the web I grew up. Working in a creative field for 8 years as a graphic and web designer I am now an owner and founder of Masood Graphics. The passion for tech drives me through writing blogs for technology, In 2019 I found Phone Chap, and as of now, I'm the editor and author of the website I think I'm doing the best jobs in the world. When I’m not writing and designing I love to play call of duty and watching movies.

About Phone Chap

Phone Chap is a technology-based website, particularity focuses on Electronic Gadgets. We cover everything and anything in the mobile & tech industry, news, reviews, launches, trends, and reviews of mobile phones, Mobile Accessories laptops, chipsets, etc. We aim to connect you with the tech industry, whatever, and whenever you need it. You will find a variety of options, from learning, discussing & talking about the technology world.